One remark I hear quite often from atheists or skeptics, is that they’d be quite prepared to believe if God did a miracle in front of their eyes. Or they might even go as far as saying they would be prepared to believe in a miracle if it was captured on video.

The above video, which was done as a stunt for the upcoming Carrie movie, I think casts doubt on the sincerity of these skeptical hypotheticals. In today’s world we are so used to seeing things our eyes can’t believe. So many of the movies we watch are filled with special effects that we know are there but are undetectable, to such an extent that if we can detect the special effects, it is considered poor quality. And we are all so aware of illusionists and stunts like the one above that it would be very easy to come to the conclusion that any “miracle” or “supernatural” event we have seen is smokes and mirrors or a simple sleight of hand.

Before I became a Christian, the questions asked in Jesus Christ Superstar were very real to me, one of them was :

Why’d you choose such a backward time and such a strange land

If you’d come today you could have reached a whole nation

Israel in 4BC had no mass communication

Counter-intuitively, the fact that Jesus lived and died in a time when his miracles could not have been the result of trick camera angles actually strengthens the case for his miraculous life, death and resurrection. The resources to pull a stunt like that in the Carrie promo video were simply not available in the first century (and in any case, just like the video, any such stunt needs a team of people who were in on the joke).