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Digital Trends 2017

Check out this presentation from We Are Social. Digital in 2017 Global Overview from We Are Social Singapore What stands out to you in this presentation? What questions does it make you ask?


The Holy Land

I was fortunate to be able to attend a conference in Jordan in late February. As a history (and especially Biblical history) buff, I loved the opportunity to be able to explore some of the sites of the stories in the Bible and to…


Remembering what Martin Luther King Jr’s fight was for

As we remember Martin Luther King Jr, and the Civil Rights movement he led, I want to share a sermon I gave in Hong Kong a few years ago which compared the struggle of the Freedom Riders to that of Paul and the…


Our schizophrenic generation

Richard Tarnas in The Passion of the Western Mind describes the current generation as schizophrenic in the sense that it is unable to resolve the contradictory messages of being alone in the world and communicative, of being conscious and personal in an unconscious, impersonal universe.…


“It is me you seek”

What is life about? What are we looking for? What is behind our deepest longings and most heart-felt desires? This video, which was a collaborative work of 12 different animators, not to mention the music and poetry, put together over 6 months, explores…


How science is like dogmatic theology

There is an idea, an assumption among many people, especially some atheists of the dispassionate neutrality of science and the purity of its pursuit of the truth. Richard Tarnas on Thomas Kuhn’s criticism of this näiveté … “… science typically proceeds by seeking…


A New Line of Questioning

Over the past century the main thrust of arguments against religion have been of the form “religion is delusion”. It has been suggested that those who believe in religion are misinformed, gullible, unscientific, and so on. And the strategy of opponents to religion…


Nov 22, 1963

For most people in the world, today is being remembered as the 50th anniversary of the JFK’s assassination. And given that it was one of the once in a generation “Where were you when …” moments, it is fitting that this event is…


Can’t believe your eyes? Join the club

One remark I hear quite often from atheists or skeptics, is that they’d be quite prepared to believe if God did a miracle in front of their eyes. Or they might even go as far as saying they would be prepared to believe…


Eye-Witness Memory

The Gospels were not written until several decades after the events included in them. This has been a major point of attack by opponents of Christianity against the truth of the gospel stories. In the 19th century it was the general understanding that…