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The World’s End

It makes sense thematically to watch The World’s End so soon after visiting my home town. Although it must be pointed out that Tawa is hardly the place for a grand pub crawl. When I was at school Tawa was a dry borough,…


Where does maths come from?

“Many mathematicians feel that they don’t invent mathematical structures, they just discover them—that these mathematical structures exist independently of humans.” – Max Tegmark Following on from my earlier post (Discovered Not Invented), here is a fascinating discussion between four mathematicians on the origins…


Discovered not Invented

It’s always very interesting when you find someone making the same points as yourself and even using the same wording. In several conversations with atheists I have pointed out that various things such as mathematics, music, logic, etc seem to be “discovered not…


The Image and the Word

This generation has seen an accelerated move away from the written word towards the image as communication. It is filmmakers who are the most influential poets of our age. This raises questions for us as communicators of the gospel message as to how…


Adam and Dog

Check out this short film that has been nominated for an Oscar in the animated short film category. It’s a restrained retelling of the creation story from a different perspective. The animation has echoes of Disney in the characters but with stylish watercolour…


The Wisdom of Introverts

In this TED talk Susan Cain, the author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking talks about the way that our society has marginalised much of what introverts have to offer in the past century. As an introvert…


The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

The Hobbit was my most anticipated movie of the year and on Boxing Day I was able to watch it in 48fps 3D. I had heard mixed feedback from people regarding the 48fps however in my opinion it looked fabulous. Not to say…


Russell Brand v Westboro Baptist on theology – who would win?

Watch this video of Russell Brand interviewing two members of Westboro Baptist Church and decide for yourselves (warning: there’s foul language in this video) … If you have only encountered Russell brand through the gossip pages then you may not be aware that…


New Testament Manuscript Evidence – Updated

  Almost 20 years ago I pasted a crib sheet in the back of my Bible which included most of the evidence to deal with questions I got about the reliability of the Bible. Included in that crib sheet was a table comparing…


A few bits about Story

There have been a few story-related items that have come across my inbox in the past few days. The first is this video about the necessity of story-telling in a post-broadcast era Winning the Story Wars – The Hero’s Journey from Free Range…