What I’m listening to … (You can subscribe to any of these via iTunes)

Apologetics 315 Interviews – In-depth interviews with a wide variety of apologists

CultureWatch – A ten minute podcast on the latest movies and DVDs by Tony Watkins of Damaris

Deovox – Ten minute devotional podcast using recent TV and movies to illustrate the Bible’s teaching

The Kindlings Muse – A huge variety of talks, panel discussions and more usually connecting faith with art and media

Overflow Show – Five minute practical lessons on the best practices in evangelism from the best books on evangelism

Peter S Williams – One of Damaris’ apologists

Story4All – A podcast from the International Orality Network on the power of story and storytelling in the spread of the gospel today

The Tolkein Professor – Online lectures covering JRR Tolkein’s works

Unbelievable – 90 minute friendly debates between Christians and non-Christians on a variety of issues.