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New Testament Manuscript Evidence – Updated

  Almost 20 years ago I pasted a crib sheet in the back of my Bible which included most of the evidence to deal with questions I got about the reliability of the Bible. Included in that crib sheet was a table comparing…


Sola Scriptura

Yesterday I preached at church on Sola Scriptura. How does one of the cornerstones of the Reformation stand up after 500 years? Well, what is undeniably true is that we are no less prone to losing sight of what Scripture says today than…


The Making of the English Language

This year marks the 400th anniversary of the Authorized Version (otherwise known as the King James Bible.) I think that most of us are unaware of the huge influence that the Bible has had on the formation of the English language. There are…


Manga Messiah updates

I’ve blogged previously about Next Manga’s excellent Manga Messiah series. The fifth and final book in the series – Manga Messengers – is out. This book covers Solomon to just before the birth of Jesus, so essentially the main focus of the volume…


The Attraction of Manga

Last week while I was at the GLAMMM (Global Leaders in Arts, Music and Media Ministries) conference in Singapore I got a chance to visit Singapore CCC’s Mass Media bookstore. I felt like a kid in a candy store but with only 30…


Same Bible, Different Wrappings?

I just read about two new Bibles that have been released. One is designed as a coffee-table book complete with full-colour photographs alongside the text. The other is made entirely from recyclable material and has all verses related to environmental issues highlighted in…