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Chinese University Facebook Outreach

I just wrote an article for Cru’s VLM Lab describing a very successful outreach that was run at Chinese University earlier this year. (VLM stands for Virtual-Led Movements, and essentially includes strategies which utilise the internet to build spiritual movements.) Pop over and have a…


Just a click away

One of the things that I repeatedly say when I talk to people about our ministry is that this generation is a visual generation, a narrative generation and an online generation. If we are serious about reaching this generation with the gospel then…


Soularium Training Videos

Our good friends who developed the Soularium conversation-starter tool have produced a couple fo training videos. Check them out … Getting Started … … and Going Deeper We have our own contextualised version of Soularium in Hong Kong called YingSeung (影想). And friends…


Watch … Think … Chat

It is imperative as we go out to fulfill the Great Commission that we go to where people are. And if we are going to reach the emerging generation, then that means that we must go on the internet, particularly onto social networks…



This is the film we shot at our short film project in the summer of 2010. I had wanted for the last year to re-edit it to make it a bit shorter and fix a few things up. Well, here it is ……


A Story Matrix for Evangelism

Design Empathy Symphony Play/Fun Meaning Your Story My Story God’s Story Let’s start off with some basic definition for the labels across the top: Design: The aesthetic qualities that attract us to something. The quality of the art. Empathy: The connection to the…



We’ve all reached that point in sharing the gospel, when we’ve shot all of our bullets. All of the arguments and evidence that we’ve learnt and stored up to convince someone of the truth of the gospel have failed to bring them around.…


Social Media

The latest version of this video is doing the rounds again. One statistic that jumped out at me is that 78% of people trust peer recommendations and only 14% trust advertisements. I often ask people how many of them have clicked on a…


My Cravings

A few years ago I had the privilege of discipling Tim, a Canadian who was doing an exchange year in Hong Kong. Since then he has joined staff with Campus Crusade in Canada (which is called Power to Change there) and is now…


Integrated and Interactive Media

No. I haven’t disappeared off the face of the earth, but things have been a bit too hectic over the last few months to do much in the way of blogging. Anyway, I read a post from Tony at Digital Evangelism Issues that…