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A Story Matrix for Evangelism

Design Empathy Symphony Play/Fun Meaning
Your Story
My Story
God’s Story

Let’s start off with some basic definition for the labels across the top:

Design: The aesthetic qualities that attract us to something. The quality of the art.

Empathy: The connection to the emotions of the audience.

Symphony: The combining of different elements in harmony.

Play/Fun: The ability to stimulate a sense of enjoyment.

Meaning: The connection to a greater significance.

And now some definitions for those down the side:

Your Story: The story of the person we are speaking to.

My Story: The story of my life and experience.

God’s story: The story of God’s interaction with the world.

And now let’s ask ourselves. If this is a matrix of our evangelistic engagement with someone, how comprehensive (i.e. how many of these bases have we got covered) in our evangelism?

Perhaps a lot of our evangelism has been stuck in just the one cell in the bottom right hand corner. Perhaps we have been regularly including a few of these elements. But the challenge for us is to include all of these elements to provide a comprehensive, holistic engagement of our audience in evangelism.

And then, of course, the next question is, “Well, how do we do that?”

What do you think?

[This table is adapted from one used at the Inside Story 2006 conference as explained in the Story4All podcast episode 39]