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A few bits about Story

There have been a few story-related items that have come across my inbox in the past few days. The first is this video about the necessity of story-telling in a post-broadcast era Winning the Story Wars – The Hero’s Journey from Free Range…


The Art of Storytelling

QIdeas has a great video by Bobette Buster. It is an edited version of a longer talk she gives on the Art of Storytelling. In it she talks about how the power of stories from the time of the Industrial Revolution, through the…


Some new podcasts I’m listening to

LIfe in Hong Kong consists of plenty of commuting, and my usual habit is to listen to podcasts or music while I’m on the bus or train. Some of the podcasts I’ve recently started listening to that I enjoy and find useful are:…


A Story Matrix for Evangelism

Design Empathy Symphony Play/Fun Meaning Your Story My Story God’s Story Let’s start off with some basic definition for the labels across the top: Design: The aesthetic qualities that attract us to something. The quality of the art. Empathy: The connection to the…


The New Language We Need To Learn

Find more videos like this on Visual Story Network A video from the people at Visual Story Network, pointing out the need we have to communicate the good news through visual media. Free to share.


Storytelling Animals

Christianity Today has a great article on how first-person storytelling is the new buzz in the club scene in New York, and its Christian roots. The simple answer is because we are “storytelling animals,” to use Green’s term. “A hunger for stories is…


The How of Storytelling

I was searching for some material for a course I am preparing on using story in evangelism and came across this great lecture given by Jeffrey Overstreet at the IAM Encounter2010 conference. I thought his points were very pertinent to all seeking to…


Telling Your Story

About ten years ago in New Zealand we updated our student evangelism training. One of the updates was a renaming of the testimony workshop to “Telling Your Story“. I think it is a great name, as it encapsulates what we want our testimonies…